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Trotsky Bank

In the peripheries of Milan, between the highway, the multi-ethnic shops and the neighborhoods controlled by the organized crime, there was a pentagon-shaped building on which was written ‘National Bank’. The place has been abandoned for years. In 2014, the Bank has been opened by a group of revolutionary militants. They were immigrants, students, precarious workers, retirees, members of the LGBT community, refugees, artists, jugglers, video makers, cooks, musicians etcc.. Their instruments were lipstick and baseball bats, spray cans and popular lunches, movies, books, parades, free parties and exhibitions.

On June 2018, police came to evict the bank. The activists decided to use non-violence methods to slow down the repressive action. The same day they occupied an abandoned high school in the nearby where they continue to promote their political activities. Meanwhile, as expected, the bank’s building is still deserted.

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