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St.Ambroeus feat. Chiara Beretta

Saint Ambroeus is the patron saint of Milan and has historically represented the city’s privileged elite. Today, a football team has taken this saint’s name as the symbol for a new radical fight. The St. Ambroeus Football Club is composed mostly of refugees and asylum seekers. The Club was born in the refugee shelters of Milan from various football teams which joined forces to compete in the official Italian league. In 2018, the St. Ambroeus Football Club made its debut spreading its anti-racist values in small stadiums at the periphery of Milan. St. Ambroeus’ players are supported by local activists who help them navigate the gruelling Italian bureaucracy and register as players of the league. Likewise, a daring hooligan group follows the team throughout the season supporting players and defending them from potential racist attacks. Thanks to this maverick project, the conservative chathothlic symbol of the patron saint is shifting to represent a resistance against the fascist “black wave” that is hitting Italy today.