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Queer Spring

Tunisian LGBTQI activists have to carry on a multiple battle against discrimination. On one hand they have to fight against traditions and orthodox religious leaders in order to express their sexuality, gender and orientation. On the other hand, they have to deal with neo-colonial politics which discriminate them for being Tunisian, African, Arabic, Berberian, Muslim and so on…

Nowadays, activists from different LGBTQI organizations are fighting against the clause 230 of the penal code. The 230 law, introduced during the French colonial government, decrees a three-year sentence in the case of private acts of sodomy among consenting adults. Their struggle involves many other subjectivities as refugees, HIV-positive people and women.

Damj, Mawjoudin, Chouf and Shams (the main LGBTQI associations) provide aid, legal support, shelter and medical assistance. Their lobbying and advocacy activities had had a strong impact both at national and international level.

Last but not least, they promote different kind of cultural activities and events such as the first Queer film festival, the first Feminist Cultural Festival and the first LGBT radio of North Africa.

All portraits have been shot in Tunis, in the activists’ houses, cafes, the metro, the roofs of Medina and their association’s headquarters.