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Milano Backstage

During a pretty chaotic period of my life I found myself living in a squat without a job. A friend of mine put me in contact with Al, an MMA fighter and novice actor. Al had just finished shooting a very weird and controversial movie where he interpreted himself: a fighter. The story was set in Milan and Al was the main character. He interacted with other non-professional actors who have his same background: the street. They are dealers, rappers, criminals, fighters…

I was weirdly fascinated by that extreme and uncontrolled world, so I met Al and he proposed me to shoot some scenes of his new self-produced auto-biographical tv series. I had followed him for few weeks but then I found a real job and a real house, and he employed a real video-maker. During those weeks I took portraits of Al’s friends who participated to the shooting.

Years later I decided to edit the collection of backstage shots of the Tv series that has never been produced. Photographs show a sample of borderline male characters interpreting themselves. Young rappers, mechanics, old workers, suspected businessmen and so on. 

Those shots are not only the backstage of a fictional product, they represent also the behind the scenes (drug dealing, organized crime, violent showbusiness…) of the voguish and progressive Milan as much as the shaded part of our being men, a part that guarantees us many privileges and sorrow.