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Aura Lolita Chávez Ixcaqui is a spokeswoman of the Ki’che People’s Council (CPK), the self-government organization of the Ki’che indigenous people in Guatemala . As many other indigenous leaders who fight to defend their land and community, Lolita is risking her own life. Paramilitary soldiers, members of the maras gangs and mercenaries tried to kill her six times by using guns, machetes and maces. The state of Guatemala charged Lolita of different crimes in order to stop her politcal standing against the corporations which exploit her people’s resources. Even though she had to leave her community to avoid being killed or arrested, she is still fighting for the Maya Ki’ches’ rights. 

Here you can read the transcription of the interview, written in collaboration with Susanna de Guio, in which Lolita explains the conditions of the indigenous people in Guatemala, the threat of the green-capitalism ideology, the concept of communitarian femminism and the Mayan cosmovision:

Italian version:

Spanish version: