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Urban DASPO - Postcards from the Future

DASPO means Divieto di Accedere alle attività SPOrtive [Prohibition of Acces to Sporting Activities]. It is a law that was issued in Italy in 2007, after a clash between hooligans and police outside the Catania Football Club”s stadium where a policeman died.

The DASPO measure denies access to sporting events to people who are considered dangerous. Authorities don’t need to start a trial and sentence the suspect in order to apply this measure.

On july 2019, the Mayor of Milan, extended the DASPO measure to many areas of the citiy: schools, hospitals, the fashion district, the historical city center, various touristic sites, a peripheral neighborhood where drug dealing is endemic and a district where citizens are fighting against overbuilding.

The same law is used to repress drug dealing, political discontent, minor crimes, informal business activities, undocumented immigrants and so on…

A few weeks after the measure was announced I explored the new internal borders of the city that aim to exclude marginalized groups, grassroots political organizations and increase the use of police and soldiers to defend the commercial interests of downtown.