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On January 1st 1994, a group of hooded and armed Indigenous people attack and take-over the municipality of San Cristobal de las Casas, located in southeast Mexico. They are the Zapatista Nacional Liberation Army and they fight for almost two weeks against the Mexican army in order to free the indigenous communities from the violence of the Mexican State. In the last 25 years they have built a system of indigenous self-governance based on democracy, participation and gender equality which involves approximately 30 communities and about 50,000 people.


On January 1st, during the international science festival organized by the Zapatistas, Consciencias, members of the Indigenous People’s Congress gathered at the community of Oventik, Chiapas. The Zapatistas along with more than 500 other indigenous communities from across Mexico were represented at the conference by approximately 3,000 people who came together to discuss two absurd and ambitious proposals: first, to nominate an indigenous woman as a candidate for the presidency of the Nation and second, to make strides in developing, solidifying and empowering the Indigenous Peoples’ Congress as an autonomous governing body. Both proposals where widely accepted by the participants.